Timog or South Avenue is a famous dining and entertainment strip in Quezon City. The avenue’s fine-dining restaurants, comedy bars, karaoke joints, acoustic bars and gay bars provide live music and all-night recreation.

(Photo Iluminada Fajardo-Castigador)

Several streets in the area are named after the 22 boy scouts who died in a plane crash on their way to the 11th World Scout Jamboree. Close to the scouting memorial is the former Ozone disco, location of the worst fire in the history of the Philippines. In the South Triangle area lie GMA-7 and ABS-CBN 2, the country’s biggest television networks where foreigners may watch local celebrities doing live entertainment shows.

Foodies’ haven

Timog, together with its neighboring Tomas Morato Avenue, is a foodie’s haven given the area’s abundance in dining choices—from fast food chains like Mc Donald’s and Burger King to fine-dining restaurants like Dinelli Gourmet and Bellissimo Ristorante.

Sample a stack of dim sum at Causeway Seafood Restaurant (Photo by Shubert Ciencia)

The restaurants Gloria Maris, B-BQUE Ribs and Chicken, Faustino’s Sizzler, Ang Tunay na Pansit Malabon, Apo Duwaling, Lugawan Republic, Marina, Ponciana’s Kitchen, Colasa’s and Sugba Island specialize in serving Filipino fare, while the likes of Xaymaca, La Solera, Kabab Grille, Chubbies, Danny’s Grill and Sushi Bar, Fu-Yuan Food Garden, Hong Kong Spring Deer Restaurant, and Treasure Garden Seafood and Hot Pot Restaurant offer Oriental and international fusion cuisine.

For chilling out, you can choose to go mellow with just coffee and wi-fi at Starbucks, Grand Master Café, Shaolin Tea House, and AKU Cafe and Diner, or wild with booze and party music at Icebergs, Sharky’s Bar and Grill, Yard House, or Bistro RJ.

Alternative entertainment

Since Timog is near the country’s biggest TV stations, it is a hub for slapstick bars that feature some of the Philippines’ top comedians. Among these bars are Funnside, Laffline Comedy Bar and Zirkoh Comedy Bar and Restaurant, which highlight live musical performances in between stand-up comic acts by mostly gay and transvestite performers.

Local comedians at Laffline Comedy Bar (Photo from Google images)

KTV bars

For those fond of singing, along Timog Avenue are the KTV bars Studio A Music Bar and Music 21 Plaza.

Gay entertainment

Apart from restaurants, Timog is known for its many gay bars. Among the most popular ones are Gigolo, Chicos, and Adonis, which can be found amid the lesser-known Club Maginoo and Club One Heart Bar and Restaurant.

How to get there

You can get to Timog via a taxi from anywhere in Manila. The avenue is also accessible through riding the MRT, getting off in GMA Kamuning station, and riding a taxi or a jeepney in front the GMA building going to Timog or to Tomas Morato. Ask the driver to drop you off in front your desired destination. There are also jeepneys plying along E. Rodriguez Avenue and Quezon Memorial Circle bound for Timog and Tomas Morato. The jeepney fare is only P7 per person, one way.

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